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Process of How to Do PSD To HTML Conversion

When talking about the conversion of files from the Photoshop documents (PSD), to the HTML code, one of the major question which arises is why? Why do we need to first create a web design in PSD format, using a Photoshop, and then convert it into the HTML (hyper text markup language) format.The answer to this question is that, in earlier times, when the browsers did not support all the features of modern CSS, creating cross – browser effects without using the images. Also the presence of web availability was limited to the desktop only, so there was only one fixed resolution (1024 × 768), for which the designing was done.

Process of How to Do PSD To HTML Conversion

This is why the websites were created in Photoshop documents. The need for PSD to HTML conversion arose with the introduction of various web browsers. The PSD designed sites were not compatible with many browsers and hence needed to be converted into the compatible HTML format.

Steps involved in PSD to HTML conversion:

  • Design a mockup of your website in Photoshop or any other image editor (for example Pixelmator). It should be pixel perfect and exactly how you expect your result website to look like.
  • Divide the imagery of your website using a slice tool. You can also make a slice by creating layer based slices.
  • Export the sliced imagery to the web.
  • Write the HTML code for the site making use of the imagery exported from the Photoshop.

Things to keep in mind while converting PSD to HTML:

  • Although there are many tools available for automatically converting PSD To HTML, but they don’t provide custom conversion. For a pixel perfect conversion, manual or hand coding is the best option.
  • World Wide Web consortium validation should be aimed at.
  • Use heading tags, mega tag descriptions and alt tags for search engine optimization
  • Optimize and compress the images. It helps in faster loading.
  • Test for cross browser compatibility.
  • Use special character codes as less as possible, search engines sometimes fail to read them.
  • Never forget to close a tag, or your website might not function smoothly.

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