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Science And Technology Reached New Heights This Year

As waters inside a sea can never ever be stagnant so Science and Technology can also never remain stagnant. The year 2017 was a very eventful one for a lot of reasons as scientists brought in out of the box ideas and invented new things that brought about massive changes in the lives of people on a global scale.

There have been over 200 different discoveries this year that includes discovery of new species of plants and animals, discovery of more inert gases and metals, better understanding of human and animal behaviour, stronger medicines for life-threatening diseases, safer methods to do a successful lung transplant from one person to another and breakthroughs have also come in making of synthetic blood that can work as real blood as well.

Science And Technology Reached New Heights This Year

As so many new and unique things have come in let’s take into account some of the unique findings of 2017 and discuss in brief about them one by one. To start with the most recent finding where scientists did research on dogs and found out that they are friendlier with people who smile more than the people who have an angry countenance. Check Out iMac plus Tutorial

A research was done on more than 50 dogs where they had shown pictures of people smiling and people whose faces look angry on the photos. The dogs reacted more in a happy way to the people whose photos had smiling faces than that of the people who had frowning faces. This is how cool Science can be you see.

Comprehensive treatment for Alzheimer disease was found especially for people who are above the age of 65 who are having this disease where the body keeps shivering. They tested more than 100 individuals in between the age of 65 to 80 and found out potential reasons as to how and why this disease is caused and also the best possible methods to eradicate them through medicines as this is the only treatment available for this disease that weakens the nervous system of the human body.

They use all the available resources of Science and Technology to do this research and find out treatments for people suffering from this disease. Better methods to control global warming and Ozone layer depletion were also found out this year where there was a massive hue and cry all across the globe concerning the global temperature rise especially in America and Asia.

Scientists designed more and more machines that could reduce the risk of pollution all across the globe that is spread by refineries and manufacturing units that leave a lot of harmful gases and chemicals directly into the air and cause the massive problem. Science has helped people in so many different ways that it cannot even be counted.

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