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9 Signs and Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Vitamin B is an essential nutrient that helps in maintaining healthy nerves and blood cells. It also plays an important role in carrying oxygen from the red blood cells. But any type of deficiency in vitamin B12 can hinder your various physical functions. A normal, healthy person needs at least 2.4 mg vitamin B12 dose on a daily basis. Therefore it is necessary to examine its level regularly, otherwise, the lack of B12 can be a cause of many types of diseases. Let’s learn about the silence signs of vitamin B12 deficiency through this slideshow.

Symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency


You need to pay attention to all such signs, due to excessive fatigue or weakness and shortness of breath. In addition, due to lack of vitamin B12, red blood cells do not supply adequate oxygen. Due to which you feel weakness.


Vitamin B-12 deficiency leads to pain in the head.

3.Feeling stiff:

Due to the lack of vitamin B12, your nerves begin to shrink and you start feeling stiffened. This nutrient helps in making myelin, which is the protective cover of the nerves. So if you start feeling suddenly numb, then this may be a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency.

4.Beating up:

Vitamin B-12 deficiency leads to the heart beat.

5.Jaundice and diabetes:

When your skin starts losing its healthy shine, it shows the potential for the lack of adequate vitamin B-12 in your diet. Some researchers have found that jaundice can be the result of severe vitamin B12 deficiency. So you are advised to get your check as soon as possible. Vitamin B-12 deficiency is not found in people with diabetes. But if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, then the likelihood of vitamin B12 deficiency increases.

6.Weakness in the eyes:

The lack of vitamin B12 reduces our power to see.


The level of serotonin is low, a neurotransmitter that keeps you happy can cause depression, and Vitamin B-12 helps in the production of this neurotransmitter. So if you see a change in depression or mood, then you may lack vitamin B12. Apart from this, vitamin B12 plays an important role in the functioning of your brain and its deficiency affects cognitive function, which can cause memory loss and dementia, especially in senior citizens.

8.Ulcerative colitis:

Vitamin B-12 deficiency leads to blisters in our mouth.

9.Sound in the ear:

Lack of vitamin B12 causes noise and bells to be heard in our ears.

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